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Metadata Description

List of Suggested Disbursement Category Codes and their Meaning

The list of Report Type Codes contains the following information:

Category Code
001 Administrative/Salary/Overhead Expenses (e.g. rent, staff salaries, postage, office supplies, equipment, furniture, ballot access fees, petition drives, party fees and legal and accounting expenses
002 Travel Expenses – including travel reimbursement expenses (e.g., costs of commercial carrier tickets; reimbursements for use of private vehicles, advance payments for use of corporate aircraft; lodging and meal expenses incurred during travel)
003 Solicitation and Fundraising Expenses (e.g., costs for direct mail solicitations and fundraising events including printing, mailing lists, consultant fees, call lists, invitations, catering costs and room rental)
004 Advertising Expenses – including general public political advertising (e.g., purchases of radio/television broadcast/cable time, print advertisements and related production costs)
005 Polling Expenses
006 Campaign Materials (e.g., buttons, bumper stickers, brochures, mass mailings, pens, posters and balloons)
007 Campaign Event Expenses (e.g., costs associated with candidate appearances, campaign rallies, town meetings, phone banks, including catering costs, door-to-door get-out-the-vote efforts and driving voters to the polls)
008 Transfers (e.g., to other authorized committees of the same candidate)
009 Loan Repayments (e.g., repayments of loans made or guaranteed by the candidate or any other person)
010 Refunds of Contributions (e.g., contribution refunds to individuals/persons, political party committees or other political committees)
011 Political Contributions (e.g., contributions to other federal candidates and committees, donations to non-federal candidates and committees)
012 Donations (e.g., donations to charitable or civic organizations)