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Metadata Description

Metadata Description of Leadership PAC List

General Description

The Leadership PAC List is a list of Statements of Organization (arranged alphabetically by the name of the committee) where the statement indicates that the committee is a Leadership PAC.

Members of Congress and other political leaders often establish nonconnected committees, general known as "leadership PACs," to support candidates for various federal and nonfederal offices. A leadership PAC is defined as a political committee that is directly or indirectly established, financed, maintained or controlled by a candidate or an individual holding federal office, but is not an authorized committee of the candidate or officeholder and is not affiliated with an authorized committee of a candidate or officeholder (so is not campaigning on behalf of that person's election).

Because committees identify the Leadership PAC sponsor in several different ways, columns in the table are included to show all of them. Leadership PACs must identify themselves to the FEC because certain bundled contributions they receive from lobbyist registrants or PACs of lobbyist registrants must now be disclosed to the FEC.

Campaigns, parties and leadership PACs controlled by candidates must disclose contributions beyond a certain threshold if they have been bundled by a lobbyist/registrant PAC. A bundled contribution is any contribution that is either (1) forwarded to a leadership or campaign committee by a lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC, or (2) received by the leadership or campaign committee and credited to a lobbyist/registrant or lobbyist/registrant PAC through "records, designations, or other means of recognizing that a certain amount of money has been raised."

Note that these rules apply only to current office holders or candidates for federal office. Committees controlled by individuals who are not currently candidates or office holders are not included in this list.

The FEC has also created a blog to discuss features of these files and respond to your questions or comments.

Information contained in the list

The Leadership PAC List contains the following information:

Tag Field Name Data Type Description Range Explanation
com_id Committee ID Character Character C followed by eight digits 9 characters unique nine digit identifier used by the Commission to identify each political committee. In general committee id's begin with the letter C which is followed by eight numeric values
com_nam Committee Name Character Name of committee or other entity registered with the FEC. Max 90 characters  
lin_ima Link to list of reports for the committee URI List of all disclosure filings for this committee   Link to listing at of all reports submitted by this committee
spo_nam Name of candidate or officeholder Text     Name of the candidate or officeholder who sponsors the PAC


Receipts Currency Total 2009-2010 receipts   Sum of receipts for the full two-year period through the most recent filing


Disbursements Currency Total 2009-2010 disbursements   Sum of disbursements for the full two-year period through the most recent filing


Latest Cash on Hand Currency Cash on hand at the end of the most recent report    


Ending Date Date MM/DD/YYYY   Ending date for the most recent report

Information is taken from the committee's Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1) which has been submitted either electronically or on paper (for new committees).

Other information about the list

The list appears in alphabetical order, but it can be sorted by any of the elements (e.g. date, committee id, etc.) presented. In addition, the "customize data" option searches for specific committees based on name or id or sponsor.