Information About Candidates, Parties and Other Committees

Downloadable Databases Containing Data About Candidates, Parties and Other Committees

Files covering 1995-96 are updated and made available on the 2nd of every month. We'll put a notice on this page when the files have been updated.

We'd like to hear from you!

We know that the downloadable files are getting big and difficult to download, so we'd like to break them up. What we want to know is what kind of breakdown would be most useful. For the individual contribution file, for example, we can imagine dividing the file by state of the contributor, or the type of committee receiving the contribution (House vs. Senate vs. Presidential vs. Party vs. PAC) or just arbitrarily dividing the file into subsets. Do those of you who download the file have a preference? We'd like to accomodate as many users as possible, with the limitation that we can't put these files out in lots of different ways at the same time.

There are also two more detailed files available for each two year election cycle. These contain information about specific PACs or party committees' contributions and expenditures related to federal campaigns. For example;

Detailed Directory - Files covering 1995-96

These files are updated on the 2nd of each month, and include any information entered into the FEC database up to that point. You should keep in mind that it takes 30-40 days after reports are received for all the information to be computerized.

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