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Matter Under Review Archive - 1975 through 1998

Welcome to Matter Under Review Archive.

While the Enforcement Query System includes all FEC enforcement cases closed since the beginning of 1999, there are many cases concluded in earlier years that have not yet been included in the search system. In order to provide some access to those cases, the Commission has digitized all of the documents originally made public via microfilm for the 4,446 cases closed between 1975 and 1998.

More than 700,000 pages of material have been scanned and can be viewed in this archive. Click the "Search MUR Archives" button just below to see the criteria currently available for searches. The information includes case number, respondent (the entity that was the focus of the case) or complainant (person or entity filing the complaint that began the case), the primary subject or statutory or regulatory citation and the time period in which the matter was started and/or completed.

The complete public file for each case is available in PDF format, with one or more files (depending on their size) for each case. The PDF files may be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Remember that this process includes only cases closed from 1975 through 1998. More recent cases are found in the Enforcement Query System. You can also find more information about the Commissions enforcement process generally.

Search MUR Archives
To search for a statute or regulation citation, enter the section or part (441a or 110.1). You do not need to enter 2 U.S.C. or 11 C.F.R.

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