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2018 Communication Costs

This file contains specific transactions disclosed to the Commission as Communication Costs by corporations and labor organizations. A provision of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (the Act), allows corporations and labor organizations to communicate to a "restricted class" of individuals on any subject, including express advocacy of the election or defeat of any Federal candidate. The costs of such communications must be reported to the Commission when they exceed $2,000 per election. This provision of the Act pre-dates the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC, which struck down the ban on independent expenditures and electioneering communications financed by the general treasuries of corporations and labor unions. That court decision does not change the requirement that these costs be reported.

Additional information about Communication Costs can be found here.

This file includes all communication costs with dates beginning January 1, 2007. For prior election cycles, communication costs can be found by selecting "Communication Cost Reports - Form 7" in the Form Type field of the agency's Candidate and Committee Viewer. You will need to select the "More Search Options" feature in the lower right corner of that page.

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