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Electronic Filing Passwords

Like the signature on a paper report, the password indicates that the electronic filing originated with the committee in whose name it is filed.

Who can get a password?

For a registered committee, only the official treasurer or assistant treasurer can obtain an electronic filing password.

An entity or person(s) other than a political committee may also obtain an electronic filing password for online filing.

Registered Committees: How do I get a password?

If you are the committee treasurer or assistant treasurer, you can create a password using the Electronic Filing Password Request (see links below).

Using the Electronic Filing Password Request a treasurer can:

Get Started

Notes: For security reasons, all activity while engaging the Electronic Filing Password Request is logged and the host committee is promptly notified of any account changes.

When a committee appoints a new treasurer, it must amend its Statement of Organization within 10 days of the appointment to disclose the change. In order to do so electronically, the new treasurer must request a password. Once a password is received, the new treasurer can file the amended Form 1 to indicate the change of position

For assistance, call the Electronic Filing Office at (202)-694-1642, option 3.

Entity or person(s) other than a political committee: How do I get a password?

An entity or person(s) other than a political committee can obtain a password by faxing (or mailing) a Password Request Letter For Entity or Person(s) Other Than a Political Committee to the Electronic Filing Office (202-219-0674). Use letterhead if available and be sure to include the entity name, 9 digit FEC ID number (e.g., C98123456), phone number, and authorized signature. The requestor will be contacted at the phone number listed on the Password Request Letter. Passwords can only be issued by phone. Upon receipt of a request for an electronic filing password, the Electronic Filing Office will contact the requestor to provide the password generally no later than close of business (5:30 p.m., Eastern Time) on the business day following receipt of the request. During heavy filing periods, the response time to a password request may extend to two to three business days. Heavy filing periods occur the week before the Year End due date of January 31; the Quarterly Report due dates of April 15, July 15, and October 15; and the Pre-General Report and Post General Report due dates. The Commission extends business hours before and following these filing deadlines, and therefore, the Electronic Filing Office may respond to the password request during these extended hours. The extended hours are published in the "What's New" section of the FEC website.

Remember your password! If you forget your password you must request another one following the procedure outlined above.

For assistance, call the Electronic Filing Office at (202)-694-1642, option 3.

Page last modified February 24, 2016.