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Downloadable Data Files

Disclosure Data Catalog -

We're building data files that will allow you to download campaign finance information in ways that we hope are most useful for you.

Each of the files listed here can be downloaded in either csv or xml formats. Each also has a metadata page that describes the information included and the structure of the file itself. There is a pdf version of each file if you need to print the information. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for each of the files so you're notified whenever new data is available or a change is made.

Detailed Files

Here you will find the Committees, Candidates and Linkages, Itemized Records, Contributions to Candidates, Individual Contributions and Operating Expenditures files.

These files contain committee, candidate and campaign finance data for the current election cycle and for election cycles through 1980. The files for the current election cycle plus the two most recent election cycles are regularly updated. The Committees, Candidates and Linkages files are updated daily. The Itemized Records, Contributions to Candidates, Individual Contributions and Operating Expenditures files are udated weekly on Sunday. Please note that complete entry from each reporting period takes about 30 days. It is important to be careful when making conclusions from these data because some information may not have completed the entry process when these files where create. Committees do not have the same filing requirements. You should be careful when comparing financial information about committees with different filing requirements.

Summary Files

Here you will find the current campaign summary file, the all candidates summary file and the current PAC summary file. The most recent 10 years of data, the current two-year election period plus the most recent five (5) two-year election periods, are updated daily.

Electronically Filed Reports (.fec files)

You will find here a daily compilation of electronically filed reports and statements. These are available from Feburary 2001 to present. Filing formats, valid dates for these formats and header files for version 1 through the most recent version are available.

Paper Filed Reports (.fec files)

The summary financial information and transactions disclosed in paper reports are data entered into an electronic format, and then stored in a downloadable file similar to electronically filed reports, known as a .fec file. Paper filings are data entered in a batch process; therefore, the Commission does not receive converted paper filings every day from our contractor. On days the Commission does not receive converted paper filings, an empty file ( will be placed on the FTP server. On days the Commission receives converted paper filings, a file ( will contain that day's .fec files.

Forms 3, 3L, 3X, 5, 6, 7 and 24-hour and 48-hour independent expenditures reports are converted to .fec files. The Commission began this paper to electronic conversion process in October 2005. The first data file was uploaded to the Commission on December 8, 2005.

Presidential Matching Fund Submission Files

You will find here the threshold files for presidential candidates seeking matching funds.
In addition to regular quarterly or monthly disclosure reports, presidential candidates who seek matching funds must submit information about "matchable" contributions to the FEC for review. Contributions from individuals where the aggregate amount contributed by the individual is $250 or less are eligible to be matched on a dollar for dollar basis from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. This Fund includes proceeds from the voluntary check-off of $3 per person from income tax returns of eligible taxpayers.

Presidential Disclosure Reports Filed Electronically

You will find here the financial reports filed electronically by presidential campaigns. This link takes you directly to our FTP server.

Notice: Reports and statements filed by political committees may be inspected and copied by anyone. The names and addresses of individual contributors, however, may not be sold or used for any commercial purpose or to solicit any type of contribution or donation, such as political or charitable contributions. 2 U.S.C. §438(a)(4); 11 CFR 104.15. This restriction applies to Federal reports and statements. Any person who violates this restriction is subject to the penalties of 2 U.S.C. §437g.