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Electronically Filed Reports and Statements

Electronically Filed Reports and Statements (.fec files)

Daily compilation of electronically filed reports and statements. Reports and Statements from Feburary 2001 to present are available. You can download these compressed files from the FTP site.

Filing Format Documentation

These documents are designed to explain the FEC's electronic filing format for versions 1, 2, 3.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7x and 8.x. These files provide format information for the downloadable electronic filings.

Detailed Format Documentation

There are three files for each version of the format: two Excel files and one rich text or one portable document format file. The Excel files are the format and the header files. The rtf or pdf file provides supporting information for the format including acceptable values for data items and specific instructions for transaction linking and other details.

The header row of the e-filing indicates what format version was used for the filing. Match the e-filing version with the version indicated in the names of these files.

Instructions for Downloading and Using Electronic Filings

Getting and Using FEC Electronic Filings contains instructions for downloading electronic filings and using the headers in the e-filing headers spreadsheet (any version) to create tables of electronically filed data.

Electronic Filing Format Dates

Electronic Filing Format
Delimiter Start Date Stop Date
V1 comma - ASCII 44 06/20/1997 01/24/2001
V2 comma - ASCII 44 03/16/1998 01/31/2002
V3 comma - ASCII 44 03/02/1999 01/29/2004
V5.0 comma - ASCII 44 03/09/2003 02/09/2004
V5.1 comma - ASCII 44 12/22/2003 02/11/2005
V5.2 comma - ASCII 44 02/02/2005 02/13/2006
V5.3 comma - ASCII 44 02/06/2006 01/02/2008
V6.1 FS - ASCII 28 01/02/2008 06/08/2008
V6.2 FS - ASCII 28 06/09/2008 03/09/2009
V6.3 FS - ASCII 28 03/10/2009 05/13/2009
V6.4 FS - ASCII 28 05/14/2009 04/04/2011
V7.0 FS - ASCII 28 04/05/2011 09/25/2011
V8.0 FS - ASCII 28 09/26/2011 01/13/2014
V8.1 FS - ASCII 28 01/14/2014 06/05/2017
V8.2 FS - ASCII 28 06/06/2017 current