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Report Images Help?

What's Included Here?

The Candidate and Committee Viewer is a single point of entry for campaign finance information about any candidate, committee or other entity that files reports with the Federal Election Commission. All data presentations are sortable and downloadable and consist of two-year summaries, report summaries and report images and downloads. The two-year summaries include financial activity during two calendar years.


Partial Name, Partial ID or Complete Image Number : This is a very powerful search option. With it you can search for candidates, committees or other filers by partial or full name in any order. You can also search by partial or full committee id.

Example: C7 will return all communication cost filers. C3 all Electioneering Communication filers, C00000 will bring up committees with committee ID numbers beginning with C00000.

If you know an image number of a report you can put that in this search box and go directly to that page. Most searching will probably be done with this single search box.

State or Territory: The default is "ALL". Check one or more check boxes to limit the search results to only those states and territories.

District: House districts range from 0 for states that have at-large representatives such as Wyoming up to 53 in California. You can use the State or Territory and District search options together to find all candidates in a particular House race.

Office: Choose House, Senate or President or check more than one box.

Partial (or full) City : Use all or part of a city name to limit the results to entities from a particular city.

Partial (or full) Treasurer Name : Enter all or part of the treasurer's name to limit the return to committees with a particular treasurer.

Party Affiliation: Check one or more political parties to limit the return to candidates and committees from a particular party or set of parties.

Committee Type: Choose one or more committee types to limit the return to that group of committees. Many committees have similar names and many organizations have multiple committees of different types. If you search for "AMERICAN" in the name box you get over 900 returns. If you also select "Leadership PAC" from the committee type list it will limit the returns to 14.

Filing Information

This group of search options is based on finding filers who have filed a particular type of form or report or filed in a particular time period.

Report Year: Enter a four digit year to find all filers that have filed something during that year.

Filed Between: Use the "Filed Between" dates to limit the return to filers who have filed something between those dates.

Form Type: This is a list of the types of forms filed with the FEC. If you select one or more of these it will limit the results to those filers that have filed that type of form with the FEC. This is useful during independent expenditure notice periods for example when you might choose "Independent Expenditure Reports and Notices - Forms 5 and 24" and use the filed between dates to limit the return to a single day or a week.

Report Type: This enables you to search for a particular coverage period such as April Monthly or July Quarterly.

Default Tab: Choosing a default tab option determines which tab will be on top when you view a selected candidate, committee or other entity. This will only be remembered during the session.

Search Results Grid

The search results grid includes all candidates, committees or other entities found by your chosen search criteria. By default it displays candidates first ordered by "Active Through" which is election year for candidates followed by candidate name. After candidates come committees also in "Active Through" which is the year of their most recent report, followed by committee name. The grid is fully sortable by clicking any column header.

The Data in the grid can be downloaded in XML, CSV or JSON formats. CSV can be opened in a spreadsheet.

Click on an ID to launch the Viewer.

Two-Year Summary Tab

The Two-Year Summary tab is a summary of all financial reports filed during a two-year period. The two-year period is defined as two calendar years: January 1 of the odd year through December 31 of the even year. It includes Monthly, Quarterly, Mid-year, Pre-primary, Pre-General, Post-General and any other scheduled report. It does not include 24 or 48 hour notices.

Select the two year period from the selector box at the top of the page. The default is the most recent two year period for the candidate, committee or other entity.

The Candidate or Committee Information section is determined by the two year period selected. All information is correct for the period. It is not unusual for name, address and treasurer to change over time. When viewing a candidate, the candidate's committee or committees will be listed to the right under the Committee Information header. When viewing a candidate committee, the candidate will be listed to the right under the Candidate Information header.

Financial Summary

The summary figures are derived by adding the column A figures from each of the candidate or committees reports filed during the period. The exception to this is the Beginning Cash on Hand which is the figure reported in the first report in the two year period and the Ending Cash on Hand, Debts/Loans Owed By and Debts/Loans Owed To which are all taken from the latest report in the period. Unlike other entities, candidates may have multiple committees in which case all of the committees are combined for the candidate two-year summary.

Each category that has supporting transactions is hyperlinked to the transactions. The receipt and disbursement pie charts show each category of receipt or disbursement as a percentage of the whole.

Report Summaries Tab

The Report Summaries tab includes the most recent version of each report filed by the committee during the selected two-year period. Again this may be multiple committees summed together if viewing a candidate with multiple committees. If any or all reports have been amended, the most recent will be included here. Click on any report listed on the left and it will appear to the right where you can expand the Receipts or Disbursements sections and see the detailed summary figures. Just like the Two-Year Summary, there are links to any supporting transactions.

Filings Tab

Jump to Pulldown

Select a year and automatically scroll down to that year's reports. For many committees this is not very useful because they don't file a lot of reports and have not been around for very long but committees like the national party committees and others that have been filing for many years and file many reports in a year this can be very helpful.

Committee or Candidate Information Section

Unlike the other two tabs that change when you change the two year period, the Filings tab does not change. It always displays the most recent committee or candidate information. This is due to the fact that there is no two-year aspect to this tab. It displays all available images and not just a single two-year period.

Reports Grids

The reports and statements are displayed in one year sections. Each grid is fully sortable. Each document may be retrieved in up to four different ways. All paper and electronic documents may be viewed in the page by page viewer or as a full PDF. Very large PDFs may take a long time to open. Electronically filed documents will also be available in the HTML viewer and as downloadable files in either CSV or ASCI 28 delimited flat files.

When viewing a candidate, only the candidates Statements of Candidacy will be displayed in the reports grid. This is because this is the only form actually filed by the candidate. To see a candidate's financial forms choose the candidate's committee from the right hand committee information area.

We currently scan all paper reports received at the Federal Election Commission. This includes reports filed by campaigns for the House of Representatives and for President, along with reports by political party committees and political action committees who participate in Federal elections. Scanned images of reports filed with the Secretary of the Senate are included here as well.

Older paper reports are available with the following limitations.

You will also see miscellaneous correspondence between the FEC and committees in cases where there are questions about information included in reports or where committees want to clarify what they have reported.

Notice: The reports listed above are available for public inspection and copying at the FEC. "Any information copied from such reports or statements may not be sold or used by any person for the purpose of soliciting contributions or for commercial purposes, other than using the name and address of any political committee to solicit contributions from such committee." 2 U.S.C. 438(a)(4). You should also see the FEC's Brochure on restrictions on the sale and use of this information