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Electronically Filed Independent Expenditures

View electronically filed Independent Expenditure Reports in REAL TIME.

Summaries of Independent Expenditures in the 2008 Presidential Campaign

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What's included here — “Late” reporting of independent expenditures, which are required to be submitted within 48 (or in some periods 24) hours of the public distribution of some communications. These late reports are listed on the following pages, based upon the date received by the FEC.

All electronically filed reports of independent expenditures are included here. (Senate campaign committees and other committees devoted exclusively to Senate campaigns file paper reports with the Secretary of the Senate. None of the paper filings from these committees are included here. All other federal campaigns and committees who exceed $50,000 in activity must file electronically with the FEC.)

Independent expenditures are expenditures for communications “expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate that are not made in cooperation, consultation, or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, or their agents, or a political party or its agents.”

Once an individual’s or committee’s aggregate independent expenditures during a calendar year reach or exceed $10,000 with respect to a given election at any time up to and including the 20th day before an election, a 48 hour independent expenditure report must be filed with and received by the Commission by the end of the second day after the independent expenditure communication is publicly distributed or otherwise publicly disseminated.

Once an individual’s or political committee’s aggregate independent expenditures reach or exceed $1,000 with respect to a given election, and are made fewer than 20 days, but more than 24 hours before an election, the independent expenditure must be reported to and received by the FEC within 24 hours of the time the communication is publicly disseminated.

Note: Some individuals may also file these reports on paper, so this list may not represent a comprehensive list of all independent expenditure filings.

For more information see the brochure Independent Expenditures.