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Electronic Communication Initiative

The FEC now sends all courtesy materials to committees exclusively by electronic mail. Reporting reminders and other mailings concerning changes in the law are no longer sent by U.S. mail. As a result, it is important that every committee disclose a current e-mail address on its Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1).

This page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about our electronic communication initiative. If you don't find the answer to your question, please call the FEC Information Division at 800-424-9530 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Why did the FEC decide to switch from paper to e-mail distribution?

The Commission’s decision to switch from paper to electronic mail will obviously improve the timeliness of its communications with committees, but that is only one of the advantages. E-mail will also offer opportunities for new types of communications and will simplify the process of providing information tailored specifically to each committee’s needs, all while saving tax dollars.

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Is my committee required to provide an e-mail address?

Probably. Most committees registered with the FEC are required to disclose an e-mail address on FEC Form 1, the Statement of Organization. Under 11 CFR 102.2(a)(1)(vii), all mandatory electronic filers must provide an e-mail address, if they have one. Regardless, only those committees that provide an e-mail address will receive the Commission's courtesy mailings.

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Does the FEC have an e-mail address on file for my committee ?

Maybe. You can easily check by looking-up your committee's most recent Statement of Organization (FEC Form 1) using our Report Image Search system. The e-mail address appears just below the committee's mailing address, near the top of the Form 1. For help, please call the FEC's Public Records Office at 800-424-9530 (Option 2). Please note that the e-mail address on Form 1 is the official address for the committee. While you may have provided an e-mail address to the electronic filing office for its use, reporting notices and other informational mailing will be sent only to the official address.

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How do I provide the FEC an e-mail address for my committee?

The process differs slightly depending upon whether your committee files on paper or electronically:

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Will my e-mail address be made public?

Yes. The Statements of Organization filed by political committees are placed on the public record and are available on the FEC's web site. The Commission recognizes that disclosing a personal e-mail address on a public document may raise privacy concerns. For that reason, committees may wish to create a separate e-mail account intended solely for this purpose.

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Can I provide more than one e-mail address?

No. Just as a committee can have only one official postal mailing address, it can have only one official e-mail address. If you would like more than one person to have access to FEC e-mails, you may want to consider establishing a shared e-mail account or programming your e-mail application to forward the messages automatically.

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Is there a deadline for providing my address?

No. Please note, however, that you will not receive reporting reminders or other information about changes in the law until you provide an e-mail address.

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Are non-committee filers required to provide an e-mail address to the FEC?

No. The electronic communication initiative only involves registered political committees. Other filers (e.g., communication cost filers, electioneering communications filers) need not provide an e-mail address.

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Can unregistered organizations and individuals sign-up to receive FEC e-mails?

Yes. Anyone interested in receiving FEC information by e-mail may use our on-line FECMail service. Subscribers receive e-mail notification any time new information on selected topics is posted on the web. Visit for more information.

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Will the FEC Record be sent by e-mail?

Yes. Committee treasurers and other subscribers will receive e-mail notification when the agency's monthly newsletter is posted on the web.

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