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Searchable Presentations

The primary purpose of the data presentations listed on this page is to provide searchable access to campaign finance data. Some search systems, such as the Reports and Statements Image Search and the Electronic Filing Search, also have download capability but their searchability is what places them here. The data catalog is an equal mix of search and download functionality and can be found on both the searchable and downloadable presentation pages.

The Candidate and Committee Viewer allows you to search for and find any candidate, political committee, independent expendor or other campaign finance report filer. The viewer includes two-year summaries, report summaries, images of reports and statements and viewable and downloadable electronic filings all in one place.

The Data Catalog contains campaign finance and other related data. You may customize these data sets to view a subset of the information. You can view and sort the subset or download the subset. Alternatively, you may download full data sets. RSS feeds are available for many of the files so you're notified whenever new data is available or a change is made.

The Electronic Filing RSS feed provides for the ability to search and download recently filed reports. This can be done automatically (via RSS reader) or manually (through scrolling the web page). Interested entities no longer need to auto-scan the Commission's Electronic Filing Report Retrieval on the FEC website to get the latest information. Reports, for the last seven days, are posted here and are available for immediate access. To facilitate report retrieval, interactive client RSS reader software is supported as well as custom developed applications.

The Independent Expenditure Notice Search allows you to search, view and download 24-hour and 48-hour independent expenditure notices filed with the Commission. You can view independent expenditure notices filed today, in the last seven days or you can select a date range. You can search for independent expenditure notices from May 2002 to the present. Prior to September 2010 only electronically filed independent expenditure notices are included in the search. In September 2010 the Commission's Public Records staff began entering independent expenditure notices filed on paper into a web-based form when we receive them so that they are available more quickly. They are then processed as if they were filed electronically. All independent expenditure notices filed since September 2010 are included in the search.

The Individual Contributor Search allows you to search for contributions from individuals. You may search by name, city, state, zip code, employer, occupation or a contribution date range. The results are viewable but are not available for download. The result set provides your with a link to the image of the report.