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Weekly Digest


For Immediate Release


Judith Ingram

October 30, 2009

Julia Queen

  Christian Hilland

ISSUE 2009-25

Weekly Digest

Week of October 26 – 30


The Commission did not hold Open or Executive Sessions this week. Sunshine Act Notices for Executive Sessions are here. Agendas and related documents for Open Meetings are here.

Audio recordings for selected meetings, hearings and presentations are here.



AOR 2009-25 (Jennifer Brunner Committee). On October 29, the Commission made public two drafts for Advisory Opinion 2009-24 (Jennifer Brunner Committee). The Committee requests an advisory opinion on whether the Committee may pay three charities the market value of assets including computers, office equipment and supplies that used to belong to a since-terminated state committee and were left on the property of the state committee’s former landlord. The payment to charities would be in lieu of a straight sale of the assets from the state committee to the federal committee.

Advisory Opinions, Requests, Comments and Extensions are available here.


The Commission made public four closed cases. For more information, see the case documents in the Enforcement Query System.

MUR 5849 – Bank of America; and Kathleen Cannon and Robert Rubio. The Commission agreed to accept conciliation agreements providing for Cannon to pay a civil penalty of $15,000 and Bank of America to pay a civil penalty of $1,800. The Commission determined to take no further action against Rubio.

MUR 6184 – Skyway Concession Company, LLC.  The Commission agreed to accept a conciliation agreement providing for the respondents to pay a civil penalty of $4,000.

MUR 6187 – Coleman for Senate ’08 and Rodney Axtell, in his official capacity as treasurer; and Norm Coleman. The Commission found no reason to believe respondents violated the Act.

MUR 6181 – Krupp for Congress Committee and Mary Jonker, in her official capacity as treasurer. The Commission dismissed the case.


On October 28, the Commission published the Amendment of Agency Procedures for Probable Cause Hearings in the Federal Register.  


On October 26, the Commission introduced a new disclosure data catalog for downloading data files from its website that allow users increased flexibility and choice to customize their searches. The Commission also opened a new disclosure data blog to increase the exchange of information between the website’s managers and users.


FEC Introduces New Formats for Downloading Data Files, Disclosure Data Blog (issued October 26)

FEC Takes Final Action on Five Cases (issued October 29)


On October 28-29, in San Francisco, CA, the FEC hosted a regional campaign finance law conference for campaigns, party committees and corporate/labor/trade PACs on areas of the law specific to their needs.

NEXT WEEK (NOVEMBER 2 – 6, 2009)

November 3:  The Commission is scheduled to hold an Executive Session

November 4:  The Commission is scheduled to hold an open audit hearing.

November 5:  The Commission is scheduled to hold an Open Session.


November 20: Disclosure reports for monthly filers are due. Click here for information on electronic filing.

November 26: Massachusetts Special Senate Pre-Primary Report


The 2009 edition of the Campaign Guide for Political Party Committees is here. The October supplements to the FEC’s Campaign Guides are here.

The November issue of The Record is here. Sign up here to receive email notification when a new issue of the Record is posted.